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You and I know this has been the single most successful presidency in history – tearing up bad deals, cutting taxes, shredding red tape, unleashing the economy. But President Trump can’t do everything alone. Everyone in this race is saying they support this President – of course we do. We don’t need any more politicians who just SAY things.

I’ve built hotels and condos like President Trump. I’ve grown businesses like President Trump. I’ve created good jobs like President Trump right here in Northwest Georgia.

We need a business-minded conservative outsider as our Representative in Congress who doesn’t just believe in this President but can help him finish the job on the legislative side of things:

  • SIMPLIFY taxes (the tax cuts are working great, let’s cut them MORE)
  • Send career politicians packing (term limits now!)
  • Grow the economy by scrapping regulations and freeing up the market
  • Totally dismantle the administrative state and alphabet soup of ridiculous federal agencies
  • Defend individual liberties, the 2nd Amendment & The Right to Life
  • CRUSH the rise of socialism from the Radical Left (who are brainwashing our kids to expect free stuff)
  • Help President Trump continue to revitalize the middle class
  • Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment and slash the spending and bureaucracies that empower Washington DC’s political ruling class

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